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SD on Tape

This is the Traditional Method indicated on many job specs.
The advantages include the fact a physical tape is produced in shooting on this platform which can be forensically analyzed to authenticate that it is original and unaltered. The trade off for this is that the camera is greater weight, offers a less wide view and is only available in Standard Definition (640×480).
Up until 2012 this was our default format. We now recommend HD or 4K formats as superior, but if you are limited by your spec requirements we have over 15 years experience shooting this format.

Shoots utilize a high quality 3-CCD digital video camera with a wide field lens. When possible we use a camera stabilizer to reduce camera vibration. We will shoot 360 degree rotations at the beginning and end of each walking line for reference and orientation. Whenever possible we will note utilities, drainage, grades and surface conditions when applicable.

We then transfer the original tape to a powerful computer system where we add titles, arrow and descriptions where necessary and even a scanned in site plan with indications of each shots starting and ending point to help orient the viewer.

We then render DVD copies that can be played on most consumer DVD players and/or computers. The original unedited tape and copies of all of the files are then stored in fireproof file cabinets should they be needed at a later date.

Single or sets of DVDs are provided to the client.

The client can use their copies as evidence to the conditions on that site on that date when confronted by a potential dispute or as evidence of work completed for payment disbursement by customers requiring documentation. This documentation is also useful in settling disputes with adjacent property owners many times without even the need for litigation.

At a later date should any litigation ensue we can provide additional copies or even the original materials in court or deposition as well as testify on your behalf as to the accuracy and authenticity of the materials.

In this day and age any documentation can be forged or manipulated. It is our reputation that backs the documentations we produce in that they are always produced with the intent of accurately, honestly and without bias to document the conditions existing when and where they were shot. That is why we will also testify if necessary to protect our reputation and in doing so your interests as well.