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About Us

John Lacy has been a member of the Construction Association of Michigan and serving the construction industry for over 20 years.  We’ve been producing construction site documentation since 1998.

We specialize in preconstruction conditions documentation for project spec requirements as well as insurance against litigation. Our capabilities include walking descriptive video, vehicle mounted video, aerial video (drone, helicopter and/or fixed wing aircraft).
> Please note that we do not provide measurement, engineering or survey services.

Our purpose is to produce POV documentation of the visual state of a given site to be used as evidence of that state of a property, border, structures, grading, utilities, roadways, etc. on a given day prior to that property site being manipulated into a different state. We make the time capsule so you can see how it was. This shows where things were before your work began so you can show others if the need should arise.

We are an all-digital studio utilizing the latest technology.
Examples of 2.7K & 4K documentation to be added soon.

We are still developing this website, but feel free to give us a call if you have a project you’d like us to quote.

Road & Work Site Preexisting Conditions Documentation