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HD on Blu-ray, Thumbdrive or DVD

We now offer several options for documentation rendered out as HD (1080P) on various media for viewing.

3 Axis Stabilization Video

For most projects we recommend a motion stabilized platform which reduces distracting bouncing. While wide angle views reduce the effects of camera motion it is still quite apparent and can make viewing a long video quite fatiguing, particularly if you are looking for specific elements and landmarks.
By adding stabilization the video displays in a much smoother flow when the camera is being carried by hand or mounted on a UAV. The current standard for physical stabilization is the powered 3 axis gimbal. This will dampen and correct changes in the horizon line. We offer several platforms offering this type of stabilization including both our drone based camera and a “walking stick” which we use with a small monitor to see and change the tilt of the camera.

Our “Walking Stick” camera offers a motorized 3 axis stabilizer with 3-4ft extension arm which allows us to elevate the camera or reach or out over spaces not otherwise accessible to get a better view. Footage is available up to 4K which allows us to either offer UHD footage or the ability to zoom in on details without loss of resolution or we can simply shoot in HD 30/60 or 120 Frames Per Second (FPS). Note that resolutions over HD (1080P) may limit shooting durations due to file size and equipment limitations.

High Quality HD and 4K on 35mm platforms

Our stabilized camera platforms use relatively small sensors to reduce weight. In doing this they also lack the low light capabilities systems with larger sensors offer. We offer footage in HD and 4K captured using canon professional camera systems utilizing full frame sensors. These can take advantage of our high quality “L” series lenses which allow more light, offer superior optics and optics coating.

However due to the increased weight of these systems 3 axis stabilization requires the additional rental of  high capacity gimbal rig. We also have the option of shooting from a fixed platform such as our van roof rig which is moderately stabile (depending on road surface conditions) as the vehicle suspension offers some dampening. We also offer post production image stabilization which may result in a cropped image after stabilization.

In all cases uncut, unedited footage is always archived for your future access if it should ever be useful or required.

Delivery of HD and UHD (4K) formats

DVD may be upscaled by your player device but is limited to 640 lines of vertical resolution. To playback 1080 or higher resolutions requires a media suitable for the larger files including Blu-ray, external media  such as thumbdrive, media card (CF, SD, microSD) or external drive (magnetic disc or SSD). We can deliver your project on any of these. Be aware that playback of HD content may require player software that includes a license for these codecs (formats). While most consumer Blu-ray players will have no problem playing a Blu-ray video disc you may require a paid player program to playback video on your computer even if you already own a Blu-ray disc drive on that computer.

An additional option for playback is Cloud Streaming. This is similar to Netflix and is a hosting service with bandwidth and equipment capable of playing your content on demand. YouTube is now offering 4K playback, but we recommend using our service using Vimeo as a content host as their licensing does not allow them to resell or share the content without your permission (as YouTube may).