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How Video Documentation is Cheap Insurance against Litigation

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Video documentation of your project at critical junctures provides cheap insurance against costly litigation later on. By documenting preexisting conditions you can defend your position when later confronted with disputes over the status of those prior conditions. By simply providing a DVD documenting your position you can quickly dismiss claims against you before they go to court. In the rare case that litigation goes forward we can testify to the accuracy of the content of the video, including providing the original uncut, unedited tape for forensic analysis if necessary. Feel like you’re being boxed into a bad situation? Document the preexisting conditions on video. It’s like creating a “time machine” allowing you to show what may no longer exists. 

Some Recent Projects:

  • A road paving company was contracted by municipality to resurface side streets with asphalt. After stripping the previous asphalt, the paving company discovered that the underlying paved surface was in poor condition requiring additional cost to repair. The municipality refused the additional cost. We were brought in to document the condition of the underlying pavement in case the municipality should decide to litigate at a later date for the shortened life of the new asphalt surface.
  • A developer was required by township to mark off and preserve adjacent wetlands. We were brought in to document the lines and the preexisting conditions of the wetlands.
  • A construction company was forced to use secondary access road to site by municipality. We were brought in to document preexisting conditions of public road access road terminated into in anticipation of municipality litigating to require construction company to unnecessarily widen and resurface public road.
  • A developer of vacant field found after property lines were determined and marked that trees, gardens, fences and various light structures encroached over his side of property lines. We were brought in to document shed and garage structures overlapping property lines with adjacent properties prior to their removal.

*examples are only loosely based on actual projects and may not fully reflect the intentions of the clients or plaintiffs.


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John Lacy has been producing pre-construction existing conditions video documentation since 1998.