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Sample Project – Road Survey – Hardin County, OH views: 1778

A large wind energy generation project was in the final stages of negotiation when the county suggested that roads damaged by the installation of the towers would require replacement. The customer hired us the document the preconstruction existing conditions of the roads to be affects. This project documented existing conditions of multiple roadways sections scheduled to […]

Sample Project – Rolling Road Survey – Patoka, IL views: 1404

This project documented existing conditions of one of several roadways sections scheduled to be used as access roads and haul routes by heavy trucks bringing equipment and materials to an adjacent worksite. A custom roof rig for mounting a tape based SD camera with a feed into the van to a computer monitor. Driving approx. 15mph […]

How Video Documentation is Cheap Insurance against Litigation views: 1662

Video documentation of your project at critical junctures provides cheap insurance against costly litigation later on. By documenting preexisting conditions you can defend your position when later confronted with disputes over the status of those prior conditions. By simply providing a DVD documenting your position you can quickly dismiss claims against you before they go to […]

Sample Project – Walking Property Lines – Canton, MI views: 1948

As is our policy the client and their specific requests or requirements will not be included here. However I can present samples of projects to show you what we do and some of the variation in the type of projects, subject properties covered and types of presentation. This project was to document existing conditions and […]